Types of Goods Causes of Hassle & Shambles

Ever felt like your house was packed with stuff and furniture? Or maybe you feel no matter how you have cleaned it up, your house still looks messy? Want your home more spacious and neat? Check out these 5 items in your home! Who knows that’s the root of the problem.

The current minimalist design style has become the most popular trend by modern society today. And that means neatness is an important factor in a dwelling. However, we often experience the opposite. After successfully implementing modern and minimalist interior design in our homes, it turns out we are faced with the problem of tidiness. Worse yet, often we just do not know where to start to clean up and tidy up our homes. If this is what you are experiencing right now, continue reading this article to find out the solution to your problem.

Expired Goods

Not only can you find in the kitchen or refrigerator, expired items can also be found in the bathroom, cabinets, drawers, even in fact, everywhere. Yes, in addition to food or cosmetics, try to check back the unused objects that you have to waste, such as batteries that have been used, last year’s calendar, newspapers and magazines that have accumulated since a few months ago, and so forth.

Double Goods

Most of us have one item with more than one. In fact we only need one item only. Take for example, you have 2 scissors, one you use exclusively for food and the other for non food. Make sense. But what if you have 2 vacuum cleaner? Well, it’s time you sort back your stuff huh!

Unused Old Goods

If you have an item and have not used it in the past year, you probably do not need it anymore. When you plan to tidy up the contents of your cabinets, experts suggest this very useful technique, that is, change the position of your clothing hanger on the closet shelf in the opposite direction. After you wear one of the clothes, place the hanger back to its original position (not the opposite direction). By the end of the year, clothing with a hanger still in the opposite direction may be the time for you to get rid of.

Damaged or Incomplete Goods

Sometimes we keep a damaged or incomplete item. Call it clock wall, fan, to TV, air conditioner, even refrigerator. Now, instead of letting these items fill our homes and prevent us from enjoying a clean and tidy house, take action immediately on these items. If it’s still a shame to throw it away, fix it immediately so you can use it. So also with incomplete items such as plastic boxes that have no lid, whether it is lost or damaged, or for example a sofa cushion that is not complete in number. Usually we only store such items because we can not use them. Well, sort these items and leave only what you can use and really you need.

Goods Loans

Well, this one besides it is very helpful to make our house look more tidy and clean, but of course this is our duty. Occasionally indeed borrow goods or equipment on others we really need to smooth daily activities. For example, you borrow a shovel when it comes to hand-trimming your own garden in your home. Or for you women, you borrow a set of cookie prints. However, busyness often makes us ultimately procrastinate to return it. And the result, these items actually make our house more crowded. So, you know what to do is not it?