Tips How To Take Care Of The Sofa Looks Always New

The sofa is one of the important furniture that is seen in a dwelling because of its large size and is usually always available in the living room and family room. Sofa made of various cover materials, ranging from leather, cotton, velvet, and others. Various materials also vary in price. Therefore you should take care of your sofa to be durable and always look new. We have tips and tricks on how to care for your home sofa to always look clean and durable.

Avoid the sofa from direct sunlight to keep the color awake and not easily faded.

When at home you keep pets, and again there are small children running around the couch, you are advised to always clean the couch every day using a vacuum cleaner. If the sofa cover is made of textured fabrics that easily ‘catch’ the dust, then put more attention on the corners of the sofa which usually becomes a den of dust and lice. If necessary, before aspiration, clean the section using a plastic brush.

Dry the seat cushion in the sun once a week, approximately for 1 hour. Do not forget, the beats and turning over the pads to keep the dust off. That way, the contents of the bearing will spread flat and remain bulging. Do not be too long to dry under the sun because it will fade the colors and shades of the pads.

To keep the sofa to look good as when you first bought, rotate or change position placement sofa cushions regularly and avoid sitting in the same place every time sitting on the couch

If the sofa is stained, clean it immediately. When late, the stain will be difficult to clean. Aapalagi when the sofa is made of soft materials, such as silk, linen, genuine leather, or velvety. Do not use chemical fluids if you do not know how to use them. Use plain water, wipe directly with a dry cloth, then dry. To dry it, let it exposed to the wind. Do not use a hair dryer, especially if made of silk, because the fabric sofa can shrink.

Various kinds of materials are also how to handle it, here are tips on how to clean the sofa in accordance with the material cover each.

Cotton Material. If your sofa is made from cotton, to clean it you simply use water or ironed
Polyster Materials. If your sofa cover is made of this, then make sure it should not be exposed to water. The best way to clean it with dry cleaning
Silk Material (silk). Cover sofa with this material is very rarely used, usually used for sofa cushions. The best way to clean it is by using dry cleaning. So also if your sofa cover of woll material
Leather Material. Cover sofa with leather is the most widely used, how to clean it is to use a wet cloth and rub on the affected area of ​​the hands, fingers and head