Tips on Setting Lighting at Home

Design in a function room is to create a different atmosphere in each room, for example, relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, busy atmosphere in the office, comfortable atmosphere in the living room, lighting also has the same function. Lighting is not just as a light giver but also as a mood control in a room. So determine the exact function of the room, do not get the room too dark or the bedroom is too bright so you are not comfortable in your own bedroom. Chandeliers, table lamps and candles all have their own effects and should be able to adjust to the furniture around them.

For example, the desk lamp for the workspace, the lamp needed is a bright light and can be used with the maximum to work. Bright light can be obtained by using a cool white light. If you want to touch a little yellowish light, select the warm white light. Warm white lights remain bright but have a touch of yellowish color. Workspaces that require high concentrations for work should use bright enough lighting so that the room can be used with the maximum.

A dining room that needs a comfortable atmosphere to gather and dine together should be given a rather dim light to create an intimate atmosphere. The most appropriate lamp to use is a chandelier, the light generated by the chandeliers can give a warm impression and yet remain bright in the dining room. Another option is pendant lamp, with a more modern and simple shape can be an alternative to get a bright enough light with a unique shape for your dining room.

Light levels of light can also affect the atmosphere of the room. The bright room creates an active and positive effect. The dimly lit rooms tend to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. The main lights in the room will create the overall impression of the room. While accent lighting used to dramatize the room. Examples are spotlight lights. When there is one thing that is highlighted by a spotlight lamp, it automatically will always attract people’s attention. For example, lights to highlight paintings in the living room, lights to highlight large plants in the living room, and so on.

Dimmers play an important role to create bright light levels in one room. With one turn, the room can look bright for an active or dim atmosphere to create a romantic atmosphere. Consider using dimmers in a room in your home to create a different atmosphere at every opportunity.