Tips on Choosing and Organizing the Dining Room

The dining room is an important room that must be in a house. In addition to the family room, the dining room is another room where the whole family gathered to eat together while chatting. Therefore the dining room should also be carefully designed and comfortable. Here we have tips and tricks on how to choose the dining table and arranged for the dining room to look comfortable and beautiful.

Adjust the dining table with the size of your dining room. Choose a box / square table for a small room like an apartment. For larger dining rooms and require plenty of seats to accommodate all family members select a rectangular dining table. While the circular dining table is suitable for a very large dining room to give the impression of centering on the dining table. Customize the dining table with your dining chair too. When sitting, the position of the dining table is above the stomach but still under the chest. Then this is the right combination between your dining table and your dining chairs.

We recommend that your dining room is designed to have lots of light either from the sun or from the lights. Good light will give another impression on food and improve the visual appearance of food. In addition to light, select also colors that can evoke appetite as red. No need to be too big just add a red color to the paintings that are hung beside the table for example.
If you like to experiment and want the look of the dining room more attractive, legitimate when you use more than 1 type of dining chairs. The appearance of dining chairs that are not uniforms tend to make dining room appear more dynamic and not monotonous. Remember to choose a chair with upright stands and pads that are not too soft so it can be used to eat comfortably.