Tips How to Eradicate Mosquitoes at Home

Rainy season has arrived, along with the coming of the rainy season, the mosquitoes seemed to invade the house! But despite the spraying of mosquito repellent every day, always appear a stubborn mosquito in your home. Do you also experience this? If so, read on below for tips on how to get rid of mosquitoes at home!

1. Give a bright natural light in the house.

Open the window during the day, let the sunlight into the house. Mosquitoes like to nest in damp, cold, and dark places. So open windows and other openings in your home during the day so the mosquitoes do not nest in the house.

2. Check the area of ​​the house that is inundated

Do not get puddles in the area around the house. Try checking some corners in the garden of the house, is there a hole that causes stagnant water? Or maybe flower pots and pools clogged? If yes, immediately heap and cover the hole so no mosquito larvae that grow there.

3. Cut the grass

Grass that is high and long can also be a mosquito nest! Especially the plants are thin and long leaf. Mosquitoes use long-leaved plants to hide from predators. The size of the benchmark is the time you cut grass and other tuna is when the sunlight can not reach the ground around it. Always cut regularly to avoid any mosquitoes hiding there.

4. Plant mosquito repellent plants

Some types of plants have a very hated scent of mosquitoes, for example Lavender plants, Fragrant Roots, Geranium, Zodia, Citronella, Catnip, Lemon and Basil. Try planting this plant around your house, this scara could be a powerful way to repel mosquitoes.

Another way you can do is to use light-colored clothes and avoid using flower-scented perfumes so mosquitoes do not approach you