Do not Make These 5 Family Room Interior Errors

Your home is your most comfortable resting place. A place to hang out with family and spend time relaxing after being tired of working all day. Family room as the main room where you and your family gather should be made as comfortable as possible as well. But how interesting is your family room in terms of visual? Without you knowing, lest you make 5 interior errors is so that your family room appear not as interesting and comfortable. Just look at the following are the 5 most common mistakes that are usually done in the living room and how to fix them!

1.The color is limited

The monochrome color palette can make the room appear larger, but playing safely in black and white can look boring. Try adding bright colors like red, pink, or orange. But remember to stick to 80% neutral colors and 20% accent colors. When choosing a color, imagine what color will appear prominently on your neutral color palette.

2. Matching furniture

Buying a set of furniture like the one on display does look easy and beautiful. But it looks too generic for a habitable home. So take the time to choose what kind of furniture to suit your taste. Note also the proportions and all the colors. Anything that represents you and your style.
3. Lighting

Often these points are underestimated or even forgotten! But make sure there is plenty of light in your living room to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Main lights, table lamps, standing lamps, reading lamps, think about what activities are done in this living room area before determining the light.

4.Put all the furniture stuck to the wall

Pro tips from interior designers, try to give a little distance between the furniture and walls so the room feels more breathable. And again when the couch is placed at the end of one wall and another, lest you and the family have to scream if you want to talk. Bring furniture to the center of the room and create a more intimate atmosphere.

5. Displaying paintings is too high

It looks very simple, but this error is the most common error and very easy to fix. Artwork such as paintings and photographs should be placed 150 cm from the floor. If you want to try another look, try to put your artwork or mirror stand-alone without hanging.