Kitchen Tips: Practical Ways To Not Cry When Cutting Onions

When peeling the onion, not infrequently will make someone cry. Crying while cutting the onion itself basically does not happen because someone is sad. This happens because the compounds in the red onion can make the eyes become painful and finally tears.

We need to know, when we chopped onions, a compound found in red onions will react with a certain enzyme resulting sulfenat acid. Because sulfenat acid is not stable, it will encourage other compounds that propanetiol S-oxide evaporates more quickly and easily. Steam from propanetiol S-oxide is what will make a sore eye until someone cries.

So, how to order when cutting the red onion eye is not poignant and not crying? Actually there is a practical and easy way so as not to cry when cutting onions. Here is how it is. Check out carefully and hopefully useful.

Cut Off the Red Onion Near the Fan

Try to peel or cut the onion with onion slicer in a place that has a fairly strong wind. A strong wind will make the compound cause a sore eye to easily fly away from you. You can cut the onions on the side or bottom of the burning fan.
Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can be an easy way to keep from crying when peeling and cutting onions. By chewing this gum, the facial and eye muscles will move well. As the facial muscles move, this will keep the eyes sore. Chewing will also make you more quickly inhale the onion steam before it gets to your eyes.
Laying Salt Near You

Putting salt near you when cutting onions is also an easy way to keep from crying. This happens because salt can be a neutralizer of onion vapor before it gets into your eyes.
Chill the Red Onion

So that the onion does not make eye discomfort, be sure to soak them in ice water or put the onion in the refrigerator. When the onion is peeled and cut in a cold state, this will make it no longer poignant in the eye.

Ladies, that’s some practical and easy way not to cry when cutting onions. In addition to the above, there are other ways that bit lighter when cutting onions, cut the top of the onions first, let the onion roots remain intact when cut and put vinegar or acid water on a board that is used as a cut onion. Hopefully this information useful and good luck way above ya.

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