Interior Decorating Tricks You Need

Professional interior designers know how to improve the quality of your home, hide their weaknesses, and make your home look attractive and beautiful for everyone. Here are 10 interior decoration tricks that are guaranteed to make your house look like a famous interior designer without draining the contents of your bank account.

1. The main door is colored

The red color is the color that symbolizes luck in many cultures. The red color for the main door means welcome to early America, and the church means safe haven. 2 other favorite colors are orange and yellow. These two colors symbolize happiness and warmth.
2. Neutral color and light for wall

Use beige or gray colors, especially for the first floor to make it easier for you to change or update room accessories so the room looks always new. The first impression people enter the house will appear differently in an instant
3. Create a seat facing each other

The trick to make the family room more comfortable is to use the most appropriate layout for the family room. Create grouping by making the sitting area facing each other. The long couch in front of the coffee table is surrounded by 2 other chairs forming the letter U, or the H shape facing each other with the table in the middle. This is to make it easier for people who sit to be able to chat and communicate comfortably. Important tricks from designers: do not put mepet furniture with walls in the hope of making the room look bigger. Precisely by putting furniture away from the wall will make your room look more spacious.
4. Get rid of old curtains

Instead of giving curtains that are rotting, old, and heavy, it is better to let the windows appear ‘naked’ without curtains. Blank windows always better than ugly windows. Important trick from designer: If you have more money, try to choose cotton, linen, or silk curtain material for fresh look and beautiful hanging result.
5. Hang at least 1 mirror in each room

The mirror can make the room appear wider and brighter because of its reflective nature. But the wrong placement will make the room look worse than before. Always place the mirror perpendicular to the window, not exactly facing the window because the incoming light will be ejected back to the window.
6. Calculate the location of the artwork on the wall

You do not want your expensive artwork displayed free without being able to enjoy because its position is too high. Tips hanging artwork, paintings, or other artwork on your wall is in the following way. Find the middle point of the painting, this is the tiitk that should be right in your eye line. Or look for the average height of the eyes of the people who live in your habitation then hang more or less as high as the average eye line. For large walls, choose a very large painting or some small paintings made into a group. Important tricks of the designer: For the placement of some small paintings, the most precise distance is about 5-10 cm per painting.
7. Lighting layered

Not only light the room, lights should also be considered in the placement and use. There is ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient that serves to illuminate the room, the task usually used to illuminate the special area to work as on the kitchen table or to read, and accent to give accents and more decorative like illuminating artwork or a particular spot. Important tricks from designers: use 1 uplight to illuminate or give accent to the ceiling creating a bigger and taller room impression.